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Government Releases School Calendar Draft

school children in uniform

Government has released a draft calendar detailing what the new school year could possibly look like. This calendar provides details of a proposed new term structure, school holidays and a way forward for learners in grades 7 and 12. However these dates aren't finalised and we have to wait for the Minister to confer with the Cabinet.

The Director-General of the Basic Education Department has presented a number of slides to the parliamentary portfolio committee on Education. Among these slides is a slide about the proposed school calendar for the year.

The original 2020 school calendar started on the 15th of January and was scheduled to end on the 4th of December 2020. The proposed draft calendar now presents a new date which proposes that the school calendar will end on the 9th of December 2020.

This plan suggests that Grades 12 and 7 could go back to shool next week on the 6th May. However it has already been suggested that the 16th of May would be a better date.  The Western Cape MEC for Education has already said that no learners in her province will be returning to school next week.

So this calendar is not final but gives some idea into the way the Education Department is thinking.

A change in the school calendar could cause many disruptions for all learners and not only those in grades 7 and 12. This could also disrupt the year for teachers, whose teaching year will end on the 11th of December, much later than before.

Many parents, teachers and learners wait anxiously for the Minister's address tomorrow, which is meant to provide more information about the new school calendar and possibly provide approval of this draft. 


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