Government Campaigns Against Violence and Bullying At Schools

Stop Bullying, Bullying At Schools

Violence and bullying is experienced by many learners at schools across South Africa, government departments are now coming together to bring an end to this by introducing a roadshow campaign at schools. 


Violence and bullying has been an ongoing issue at South African schools and has led to the serious injury and death of learners as well as the destruction and vandalisation of schools. The South African government wants to bring an end to this and ensure that schools are a safe place learners can go to and receive a good quality of education. 

Government departments have come together to campaign against violence and bullying at schools and on 15 October a roadshow school safety campaign will begin in Limpopo and then move to the Northern Cape. This school safety campaign aims to stop violence and bullying at schools across the country. 

"Within and even outside Covid-19, schools as learning environments have to remain violence free. Schools have got to be havens for those multitudes of our populace," says the Department of Basic Education's Director of School Safety, Paseka Njobe. 

He says that learners must be kept safe at school as parents trust schools with their children's lives. 

Njobe says that the department is making sure that even in the Covid-19 environment, which poses big risks to learners' health, that they can be protected from other factors which pose a risk to their health, such as violence and bullying. 

"It's got to be our mandatory responsibility that they come to school healthy and that they leave the school healthy."-Department of Basic Education's Director of School Safety, Paseka Njobe.

He says that focus will also be placed on cyber bullying as learners make more use of online resources in the Covid-19 environment. 

Communities will also be educated on the importance of schools and why they should not be vandalised and destroyed as it causes the loss of important infrastructure and hinders learners' ability to come to school and learn in a safe environment. 

The Department's director of School Enrichment, Sifiso Ngobese says that when learners play sports or take part in extra-curricular activities at school they get to express themselves freely and occupy their time out of the classroom meaningfully. This will encourage social unity and peace within school. 

"We know that when young people are not occupied meaningfully that is where the trouble mostly starts with the unbecoming behaviours and social ills that sometimes are there in the community," says Ngobese. 

Stakeholders such as Unicef, African Youth Development (AYD) Group and the South African Police Service (SAPS) will work together with the department on the school safety campaign and Njobe says parents and learners themselves will play a vital role in the success of the campaign. 


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