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Gauteng Will Soon Have The Most Covid Cases In SA


Currently, Gauteng is seeing fast increases of Covid cases and has also overtaken the Western Cape in active cases. The Minister of Health has warned that Gauteng will have the most confirmed cases of Covid-19 in South Africa in a matter of days. 

Health Minister, Zweli Mkhize, has predicted that Gauteng will soon be the province with the most recorded cases in South Africa. Just last week, the province went from 22,341 cases to now having 36,895. 

As of 28 June, Gauteng had a total of 36,895 confirmed cases with a death toll that stands at 174. When compared with the Western Cape's active cases which stands at 16,045, Gauteng seems to overtake it with 28,141 cases. However, Western Cape, which is currently the province with the highest total cases, death toll is much higher at 1764.

Another statistic which is concerning is that Gauteng currently has almost 30,000 active cases, which no other province has recorded before. The province's increases are also at a rate that wasn't recorded before. 

The Gauteng health department said in its daily statement on Saturday that, "Increased movement and mobility of people is one of the contributing factors of the rise in number of confirmed Covid-19 cases. We continue to observe cluster outbreaks from gatherings". 

A health economist at Wits University has said that Gauteng will reach the Western Cape’s 24-hour death figure, which was around 50 deaths a day, within the next two weeks.

With the potential of this surge in cases for Gauteng, there is concern that the province is not prepared to handle it in terms of healthcare and resources available. There is a fear that the province will have a shortage of beds as well.

Gauteng's covid hotspots include Johannesburg South, the inner-city, Doornkop, Soweto, Dobsonville and Protea Glen.

Mkhize has stated, "It is anticipated that while every province will unfortunately witness an increase in their numbers, areas where there is high economic activity will experience an exponential rise –  beginning with Gauteng and Western Cape and followed by Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.”


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