Gauteng Schools Received Over 300 000 Grade 8 Online Applications For 2022

Gauteng Schools Received Over 300 000 Grade 8 Online Applications For 2022

After launching phase 2 of online applications for school admissions, the Gauteng Department of Education will soon be reviewing and approving successful applicants from the thousands of applications that have been received.



The Department of Education in Gauteng is said to have received over 300 000 applications on their online system for Grade 8 learners in public schools.

The department however said the numbers might have been caused by parents who made more than one application to different schools. 

The Gauteng Head of Department, Edward Mosuwe said multiple applications are required in order to ensure that learners have more than one option. 

For 300 000 online applications received you will find that a person has applied to more than one school as it is required by policy. 

Mosuwe also indicated that parents have taken advantage of the options that are made available by the department in terms of the number of times you can apply. 

The Gauteng education Head Of Department clarified that it has received over 300 000 applications, which translates to 160 000 individual applications for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 Grade 8 online applications for 2022. 

The department said over 85 000 Grade 1 applications have also been captured in the system for 2022 applications. 

The application window for Phase 2 of the online applications for Gauteng public schools will be closing on Friday 8 October 2022. 

Mosuwe urged parents to upload all outstanding documents as they are required to in order to finalize the application process.

Parents are encouraged to upload the necessary documents as placements and confirmation will start from 15 October 2021. 

The department has advised through its social media platforms that applicants must keep applying as the system might sometimes seem faulty because of the high volume of applications. 

Parents have been reassured that all applications will be reviewed, as long they are submitted within the official application period. 

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