Gauteng Has Vaccinated 92% of Teachers In Province

The teacher vaccination rollout has been completed with Gauteng boasting a 92% vaccination rate for it's school sector. The department aimed to initially vaccinate over 580 000 nationally.


Gauteng had vaccinated 92% of it's teachers and school staff when the basic education sector vaccine rollout came to an end last week on the 14th.

With schools reopening next Monday, the goal was for teachers to build up antibodies after being vaccinated making it safer for them to go back to school and continue work.

Gauteng Education spokesperson, Steve Mabona, said:

We are at 92% when we look at the overall picture, that is your educators and your admin staff including independent schools. Everyone that is in the education sector in Gauteng. 

The remaining 8% of vaccinations will be done when schools open next week. This would include those who were not able to get the vaccine due to having Covid or having taken a flu vaccine.

Schools will reopen on 26 July for the third term on a rotational timetable with primary schools switching to a full capacity return from 2 August. High schools will continue using the rotational timetable.

"We felt that it was impossible to have them all come back on the 26th that's why we gave them room to adapt their timetables so that when we start on the 26th, we still continue with the rotation," said Mabona.

This change is happening due to the massive loss in teaching time that was seen due to the pandemic and the rotational timetable.

On the 2nd of August, that's when we expect all of them. They would have adapted. They would have acclimatised to the enironment. We'll make sure that they utilise the spaces that they have to the maximum and make sure that there's necessary social distancing.

The Department of Basic Education is guided by health experts and will then base when high school learners will return at full capacity on this. Provincial departments will however continue to monitor the numbers and the return of learners closely.

Mabona says that majority of grade 11s and 12s should be at school on an everyday basis to ensure that they are covered and well prepared for their future exams which are very important for their Post-Matric paths and said, "we are hopeful that in the long run, we should be in the position to welcome everyone".

Principals, school management teams and non-teaching staff returned to school on 22 July to prepare for when learners will return to school.

Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, will hold a briefing on Saturday at 10AM on the reopening of schools.


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