Gang Violence Threatens Schools Safety

School children and teachers are being traumatised by high amount of gang violence in surrounding area. A sustainable solution in required to access the issue of gang violence. 


Schools in Lavender Hill are suffering as gang violence and shooting surrounds the school, traumatising the leaners and staff. 

Though gang violence isn't anything new in the Lavender Hill area, it has only worsened over the years. Most of 2020 was spent with alleged gangsters, shooting all around the area, the school being in the middle of it all. Western Cape Education Department (WCED) are aware of the situation, and believe that it should die down within a month. 

When the shooting is happening, it occurs over or around the school. The schools bullet reflecting fence is no longer helpful as the stray bullets fly over it, putting the leaners and teachers at risk.

Levana Primary is currenting working to raise R900 000 to build a thick, high wall to protect its students and staff.

Parents often come to the school, during class time to fetch their children out of fear, demanding to take their children home.

Law enforcement is on the scene patrolling, but it seems to make no difference for the on going issue of gang violence. 

Principle of Levana Primary said 

We are dealing with two pandemics, Covid-19 and gang violence

Teachers of Levana Primary School are receiving counselling to help them through the daily trauma they face at school.

A sustainable solution is needed in communities that are overrun with gang violence, schools and residences are not safe and the simple responses are no longer working well enough to protect the community.

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