Five Durban Campuses Are Forced to Close Due to Student Protests

As chaos erupts, DUT is forced to close all five Durban campuses. Students have become frustrated and begun protesting over the lack of assistance they are receiving. 


Durban University of Technology (DUT) is forced to close all five of their Durban campuses as students invade the main campus due to a social media post

Chaos erupts at DUT main campus after student arrive at the university demanding assistance with registration, but students were met will very little staff to assist them.

Student were said to receive an invitation via social media to come to the main campus for registration, only for the university to later have to explain to the students that the social media post was fake.

This resulted to students becoming frustrated and beginning to protest for assistance and to get on to the campus. Police then got involved and threw tear gas at student to stop them from protesting.

Students began to forcefully enter the campus by breaking down the main campus gate, fighting though the tear gas.

About 12 students were then arrested by the police because, of the chaos that was caused, but many students involved seemed more confused and scared than violent.

Spokesperson of DUT, Alan Khan says:

We have decided to close all five Durban campuses of the DUT and that's following the violent protests and campus invasion that happened overnight. So all five campuses of DUT in Durban will closed until further notice but, all online activities of the university will continue.

The university then confirmed that they are only inviting first time and struggling students on campus to assist them with registration. 

Until further notice, all on campus activity at DUT in Durban will be suspended and the five campuses will remain closed unless said otherwise.


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