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First Years Will Go Back To Campus In Level 2


Minister of Higher Education detailed the Department's plans to allow for the return of students to campuses. Within this briefing, he addressed which groups of students will return for campus-based activities at the different levels of lockdown. 


Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education announced in a media briefing that all first year students will return to campuses during Level 2 as well as which groups of other students will return at the different levels.

The Department of Higher Education is planning for the gradual return of students to campuses and have laid out a criteria for which groups of students will return. Each institution will be planning for the resumption of campus-based activities dependent on that institution and the students within it.

These returns will be done in line with Health and Safety protocols and is dependent on the President's announcements of lockdown levels. 

Level 4

Students have already started returning to campus, as of 11 May. The students allowed to go back to campuses during level 4 are final year medical students who require clinical training to complete their degrees.

Amongst these medical students, we also see the return of MBChB, nursing, dentistry and veterinary students, etc. Other final year students who require clinical training will return from 1 June. 

Level 3

In Level 3, a maximum of 33% of students will return to campuses, residences and delivery sites. 

These students who will be allowed to return, along with the level 4 students, includes:

  • Final year students who require labs, technical equipment, data, devices, connectivity and residences
  • Those who need clinical training in their programmes in all years of study
  • Postgraduate students who require labs and technical equipment

Level 2

A further 33% of students will return which means at this point, 66% of students will have returned. 

This additional 33% would include, along with level 3 & 4 students:

  • Students from all years of study who require labs and technical equipment 
  • Students from all years of study who need practical and work-based training and learning
  • All first years of undergraduate programmes

Level 1

This level will see 100% of students return to campuses. 

At level 3-1, the return to campus will only take place 2-3 weeks after the level is announced. This is to allow time for students to travel to campuses and to make sure campuses are prepared. Institutions will give permits to identified students to allow for their travel.




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