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First UCT Student To Test Positive For Covid-19 Has Recovered


UCT has had seven cases of Covid-19 at their campus. The first student who tested positive has recovered while one more staff member was found to be positive.


UCT has had three students and three staff members who have tested positive for Covid-19. Their first case was confirmed on Sunday 15 March 2020. The fourth case found was the first UCT case that was a student. 

Now, UCT has stated that the student mentioned above has now fully recovered.

There has been another positive case found at UCT, bringing the total cases to seven. This positive result was given to a staff member.

The staff member is receiving treatment. Contact tracing is being done and all individuals who have been identified will be in quarantine for 14 days.

UCT has also stated, “The university leadership is preparing to continue the academic work in the context of COVID-19. As such, it is important to understand students’ circumstances in order to provide appropriate support.” The University has issued a survey to students and encourage them to complete it.

They have however made it clear that due to cost and availability, they are not able to allocate computers to all those students who do not have access to them and have said that, “Financial need is the overarching criteria.”

UCT is committed to having the 2020 academic year be completed and is working closely with government, other universities and key stakeholders to make sure that they will be able to deliver and provide quality in doing so.

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