Finetown Secondary School Struggles To Accommodate Its Learners

For 10 years learners at Finetown Secondary School have had to deal with learning in an environment that is not ideal, as the classrooms are quite small and require many repairs. Now learners have to deal with additional challenges that have been introduced through rotational learning which was brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Finetown Secondary School Principal Sydney Gazide states that classrooms are a problem as they do not have enough space to accommodate all their learners while trying to implement social distancing.

The school has a large number of pupils who should be accommodated in a very congested space, which makes it difficult to implement social distancing. However, implementing rotational learning and one-metre social distancing between students in the classrooms has minimized the challenges that the school is facing.

"We are trying our best to try and adhere to the protocols of COVID-19", said Gazide.

Due to Finetown Secondary School being the only public high school in the area that offers Sesotho and Zulu as Home Languages, the school receives many students from the four primary schools in the area. 

This creates a problem for the school as they struggle with accommodating these students.

The School Governing Body stated that they have pleaded with the Provincial Education Department to assist with building a new school but their calls were not heard. 

However, they continue to ask for assistance.

"If they can please urgently come and build us a permanent structure we will really appreciate it because rainy seasons are coming. We've got holes on top of the roof [and] these containers are leaking, so the children's books always get wet while they're in the classrooms, so we're in dire need of a permanent structure," said Sharon Mooko, the SGB Chairperson at Finetown Secondary School.

The school has also partnered with community stakeholders to ensure the safety and security of the school.

Despite these challenges, the school is working on improving its matric results for 2021 by setting up camps for learners before their final examinations. 

Gazide wishes the Grade 12 learners good luck as they prepare for their final examinations


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