Final Matric Exams Now Less Than A Month Away


With all the challenges that have come with the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on schooling, the matric class of 2021 have less than a month to prepare for their final exams. An education expert looks at what support resources they could need going into the exams. 



The 27th of October 2021 marks the first day that matriculants will sit for this year's final exams until 7 December 2021. But are they psychologically prepared for this period with all the changes that they have had to adapt to?

School psychologist Jarryd Byron says that among the trends that have characterized the turbulent school year for matrics is the overwhelming task of having to catch up on two years worth of work. 

Byron also points out that having to adapt to online learning has also been a stressful challenge for some of these learners. This can be in the form of not receiving enough support when they need clarity on concepts that they may not understand.

In addition to this, matriculants also have to deal with the mounting pressure to get high marks that will enable them to get into the courses that they want to study in university. He adds that not being able to get those required results comes with a lot of stress.  

There's is also the lack of motivation that comes with the unstructured nature of hybrid learning. And says that this will continue to be an issue until the pandemic period passes on.

The school psychologist also points out the importance of being able to identify as well as appropriately deal with stress, particularly among matriculants. He adds that failure to do this may lead to them burning out which could negatively impact their results.

He also says that parents, as well as teachers, need to be actively involved in identifying these signs of stress and engage them on what they can do to help them from burning out.


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