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FEDSAS Presses Motshekga For Answers

School governing bodies say the president's speech is not the law. Now communities are torn about whether to close public schools or keep them open


FEDSAS has said it is waiting for Minister Motshekga to publish new directives that will detail how the rest of the school year will work.

CEO of FEDSAS, Paul Colditz said:

“What we want is that communities should be able to decide for themselves when children must return, as it is presently in the existing directives,”.

Colditz said the original directives given to public schools allowed them to reopen if all safety measures were met. 

“The directions in terms of when there was a phased-in approach made provision for a deviation. Schools could deviate from those dates if they were well prepared to ensure the safety and health of learners and teachers.”

He said the option to reopen still stands, as a new gazette was not released along with the President's speech. 

“That option still stands until the minister’s directions have been published in the government gazette to accommodate the announcement by the president.”

FEDSAS has repeatedly supported the reopening of schools, as it believes that learners will be better educated at school. 

"You have a bigger chance of controlling people, teaching them, getting them to learn about the risks when you have a controlled environment such as an open school." said Colditz. 

He spoke against closing schools until the end of the peak as suggested by some unions, as he believed that the peak of the virus is unpredictable.

He said FEDSAS is not threatening legal action yet, as it continues to wait for Motshekga to release the new directives. 




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