Fears of Taxi Violence Disrupting Return to Schools

Residents of Cape Town have been living in fear the past few weeks as taxi violence continues. With schools reopening from 26 July, there is now concern about how taxi violence could impact the return to schools.


As taxi violence continues in the Western Cape, learners and their parents fear returning to school with there being concern that this might disrupt the return of learners to classrooms.

Schools all over the country reopened for the third term on Monday, 26 July, but with many learners depending on taxis and other public transport to get to school, this might affect many.

Not only was there a shortage of taxis but due to violence, leading to some deaths, occurring, learners might be scared to take a taxi to get to school. Schools are now hoping that things calm down so that all learners can return.

Some schools hosted catch up programmes for grade 11 and 12 learners during the winter break but due to taxi violence, some learners weren't able to attend them.

This is a very important time for grade 11 and 12 learners as exams approach. For grade 12s, mock exams are important and are approaching and this period of exams could be very important for both grade 11 and 12 learners wishing to attend university.

MEC for Education in the province, Debbie Schäfer, also showed concern about the impact taxi violence could have on the return of learners saying:

I also remain concerned about any further disruptions to public transport as a result of taxi violence. I make this personal appeal to those instigating the violence: please stop.  Apart from the damage you are doing to our already fragile economy, you will be preventing learners once again from attending school.

She further said that learners, "have lost out so much over the last year.  As it is, it will impact on their future" and that they can't afford any more losses.

Another concern would be that learners will not be able to take advantage of school feeding schemes. Some learners depend on this meal for the day.

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