Extended Academic Year Costs NSFAS Billions

With the academic year most likely being extended, this will see Government give billions towards NSFAS. NSFAS has also stated that changes will be made to processes such as allowances and admissions.

NSFAS has said that they will be funding the extended academic year and that Government has committed to NSFAS over a medium term expenditure framework for R85 billion. 

Due to an increased demand being expected next year, Dr Randall has said that they will be adding on to the requirements for funding. 

Dr Randall Carolissen said on YFM that data has been made available to some students through NSFAS. From September onwards, Universities and TVET Colleges will also have the devices to give to students. 

NSFAS has been continuing operations and issuing student allowances through lockdown. 

"Something that I really advocated then already was that we shift away from a book focus and start getting digital devices and some Universities did actually follow that route".

NSFAS procuring devices to TVET College students will elevate the teaching in TVET Colleges and introduce a new way of teaching and learning. 

ON NSFAS responding to student needs, a lot has been done but issues such as providing students with laptops, the extension of the 2020 academic year and others are still being worked through, says Carolissen.

During a meeting with the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) said NSFAS is doing well as they have observed over a long period of time and complimented NSFAS Administrator, Randall Carolissen, for his work at NSFAS. 

Carolissen stated, "we have stabilised the system and we are on the path to recovery and sustainability".


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