Erasing Historic Debt is Doable And a Task Team is Not Needed - SU Prof

After Minister Blade Nzimande announces that he is working on a task team and says 'there is no free education for all', a Professor from Stellenbosch University comes to believe that there is a sustainable solution for the issue of free education, and a task team is not part of the solution. 



After promises of free higher education by former president Jacob Zuma, students have been protesting every year over the unkept promise.

Minster of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande is currently working to put together a task team that will hopefully come up with a more permanent solution for this ongoing problem.

Minister Nzimande, however also said, "The government has met it's deal. Now that gets lost in the process. In other words, we will be funding all those students who qualify and will have been accepted into a University or a College who come from this. There is no government policy which says 'free higher education for all', I want to make that clear", making sure that he gets his point across to the students of South Africa. 

Prof.  Jansen, of Stellenbosch University, however says the task team is a waste of time, 

There is a solution that is sustainable, but I don't think we will be able to get there by having yet another task team.

He continues to say that a task teams only delays the inevitable process of needing to restructure the nations economy, erase student historical debt and manage it better in the future.

The only party that can fully resolve the problem seems to be the government but, unfortunately, the government is not willing to take on the issue. 

Prof Jansen says:

Erasing the historic debt is doable and a task team is not needed.

It is beneficial for the government to restructure the national economy and to erase historic debt because, higher education will work as a great advantage to the future of South Africa.

Prof Jansen believe that the government needs to reprioritize the budget and discuss what is really needed in the country.

He says that corruption is the biggest money sucker of our country and resolving that will result in the best possible solution. 

The initial plan was for a contingent loan to be provided to students, and if gone with that original plan we wouldn't have the problem of the missing middle and more students would be funded.

Though it seems like the government is doing all it can, Prof Jansen believes that there is a problem of adequacy around how the issue should be dealt with. 

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