Equal Education Group Pleased With Motshekga's Performance Contract Going Public

Education activist group Equal Education are pleased that the performance contract of Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga has been made public as they say that the performance agreements will hold Motshekga to account. 

Equal Education (EE) General Secretary Noncedo Madubedube says the EE group has welcomed the High Court's ruling that the matrics of 2020 do not have to rewrite the Mathematics and Physical Sciences Papers that were leaked. They are asserting that the quality assurer Umalusi works as though they are a part of the government and are concerned about whether the NSC examinations will be approved.

"The communications that comes out of institutions like Umalusi and the Department of Education is sometimes insufficient, it doesn't reach where it needs to reach, in particular poor and working class communities." -Equal Education General Secretary Noncedo Madubedube

"Instead of this [the rewrite] feeling like something that is designed to protect learners and the integrity of their qualification, it felt like punishment,"- Equal Education General Secretary Noncedo Madubedube

The EE remains critical of Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga's performance and is pleased that President Cyril Ramaphosa will be signing performance agreements with Ministers. 

The government has released Minister Motshekga's performance contract after the EE group had requested they do so. The EE believes that those who are appointed to serve the public in many sectors have been failing to do their jobs and they have not faced consequences for this. 

After scrutinizing the performance agreement between the President and Minister Motshekga the EE group said that they had gained key victories. 

"Of the key performance areas (KPAs) that we called for in our people’s performance contract, included: complying with the norms and standards for public school infrastructure, radical improvement in early grade reading, school safety and proper engagement with civil society," the group said. 

The EE said the reason they have asked for the performance contract of Minister Motshekga is because this is her third term as the Basic Education Minister and schools are still facing issues with sanitation, safety and infrastructure. They feel that learners should be able to go to school in proper conditions so that they may receive a quality education. 

Minister Motshekga's performance agreement states that she must make sure that the National School Safety Framework (NSSF) is implemented effectively. This requires her to work with provinces to support, monitor and provide interventions for school districts, as well as reinforce partnerships with key stakeholders such as the South African Police and the Department of Social Development (DSD). 

The EE has been pleased by the fact that safety within schools was a national priority however they feel like more concrete plans must be made in terms of preventing school violence and implementing the NSSF as a tool that schools can make use of. 

Madubedube says that the EE will be making sure that after the performance agreements are signed that it will be upheld so that learners may feel legitimized in the school environment. 

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