Engineers Assess the Damage to UCT's Library

UCT is facing as massive loss as their library is completely destroyed by a fire. Officials are now on sight to assess the damage and discuss moving towards the restoration of the library. People are urged to donate to the #UCTFire emergency relief fund.


After University of Cape Town's Jagger Library went up in flames, officials have been on scene assessing the damage done and figuring out how they can go about repairs.

Officials are at the UCT campus conducting assessment in order to to start the restoration of the destroyed library.

There are a number fire fighters and structural engineers on the scene to assist in the development of the library or in case of unstable structures.

Insurers have been said to assist UCT in repairing the damage and assist students who lost their belongings in the fire.

The fire did not only damage the library but, also more than one of UCT's residence buildings

The fire has damaged both the Smuts and Fuller Hall residences of UCT. Smuts, however, is not as badly damaged as Fuller, while Fuller sustaining damage to it's roof and walls and Smuts was only damaged on one floor.

The Vice-Chancellor is unable to give students the amount of time that the repairs will take but, it is estimated to take months before the residencies are livable again.

They are also unable to estimate how long it is going to take for the damage of the library to be repaired but, the Vice-Chancellor is hoping for a speedy restoration to occur.

Though the loss experienced is not something that can be repaired, having a Special Collection of 3500 African artifacts and books being destroyed, UCT's VC says: 

These kind of challenges bring the best out of us 

Classes have also continues to be suspended for the rest of the week, with officials saying that the academic year will only resume once the campus is safe. Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimade says:

 This decision is important because, the safety of students and staff remains our utmost importance 

The Minister has also called on the more participation of the private and public sector to support the #UCTFire emergency relief fund by donating essential items and food to students at Old Mutual West Campus, 91 Jan Smuts Road, Pinelands, Cape Town. Items must be sealed, in accordance with COVID-19 protocols.

For financial donations (donor names can be included as references):

Account name: UCT Donations Account

Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa

Branch code: Rondebosch Branch, 025009

Account number: 07 152 2387


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