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Educators Union Wants More From Government

The Educators Union said it started the movement to close schools and now wants the government to do more than close public schools. 



The Union wants the government to close private schools and give grade 12 learners the same amount of time off from school as other grades. 

Kabelo Mahlobogwane of the Educators Union said the Union had been warning the government to close schools before more lives were lost. 

"We welcome this announcement by the president but unfortunately we do not think that the plan to reopen schools has scientific reasoning with it."

Mhlobogwane said the decision to give grade 12 learners a week off from school suggests that they are immune to the virus. 

"We believe that schools should reopen only when it's safe to do so. There is no reason for us to believe that they will be safe after 2 weeks or after a week".

"We also don't understand why grade 12s should reopen so quickly because the whole purpose was to deal with the spread of the virus"

He criticised the government for excluding private schools from the plan to close schools. 

"In private schools we get positive cases each and every day, so we do not understand why private schools should remain open when other schools have closed." said Mahlobogwane. 




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