Education Department Reveals Programme Aimed At Boosting Learner Creativity


The Basic Education Department is forging ahead with a programme that seeks to enhance creativity and instill independence and entrepreneurship among young people.


The Department of Basic Education has introduced a program that is intended to get learners working on authentic issues, become agile and develop creative thinking skills, as well as the ability to solve real-world problems. 

That's the Department of Education's E3 Programme that gets students creating, investigating, performing, and experimenting, rather than taking notes and tests.

The Executive Director of the Department’s E3 Programme, James Donald says that the program is aimed at helping learners work on the skills and competencies they need to prepare them for a changing world.

This EQ programme is about making sure that teachers are supported so that they can create a special caring environment for learners so that they can thrive. By 2030 the DBE would like 100% to leave school inspired and ready to pursue further education or entrepreneurship. So that is the EQ component of it.

Some of the initiatives that form part of the program to enhance creativity in classrooms include, the introduction of new school subjects to the curriculum. 

Donald further said that there is legislation through which teachers across all grades will be expected to give learners the opportunity to demonstrate their learning outcome during the term of the school year as opposed to only sitting through an examination. This will include teachers having learners complete different projects across all subjects. 

According to a draft of the programme’s model, learners who engage in project-based learning have an excellent chance of developing their skills as they are, by the very nature of projects and the accompanying activities, forced to use various modalities in doing research, solving problems, discussing, and asking and answering questions.

The declining number of learners who make it to matric is among the challenges that South Africa’s school system currently faces in transforming learning opportunities according to the programme’s managing director. 

The programme has so far been involved in projects with more than 3000 schools since its launch in 2018.

The programme’s ultimate goal is to radically reduce youth unemployment by 2035, which is currently one of the biggest challenges in the country.




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