Eastern Cape Strives To Meet Global Education Minimum Standard


Fundile Gade, the Eastern Cape Education MEC, briefed the media about progress made and processes after the final day of marking examination papers. The MEC outlined the departmental plans for the 2021 academic year, as well as the readiness of schools to reopen.

The Eastern Cape Education Department is ready for the 2021 academic year and announced that they have enough PPE to ensure the safety of the learners and staff at schools. They believe that learners are ready to commence the school year, while the 2020 matric class patiently await their results.

Fundile Gade, the Eastern Cape Education MEC, is confident that planning for the 2021 academic year has gone well.

On Friday, Gade spoke about the 2020 academic year wrapping up and all the lessons they have learnt from the year which they intend to take into the new school year to ensure that no learners are left behind.

The MEC looks at the prospects for 2021 which people in the Eastern Cape need to look into and the country needs to look into the repositioning of the education sector to meet the global minimum standards.

Eastern Cape has had 292 positive COVID-19 infections, which was detected as all markers and personnel entering marking centres are tested before they enter.

Gade confirmed that all marking centres had protocols to observe in and outside of the marking centres, to secure the safety and health standards required by the Ministry of Health.

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