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Eastern Cape Delays Return Of Grades R, 6 And 11

Eastern Cape Schools

Schools in the Eastern Cape were given permission to return however they have chosen to postpone the return of Grades R, 6 and 11. This postponement is due to the increase in COVID-19 cases at schools.


Eastern Capes education department has given the heads up to schools to allow Grades R, 6 and 11 to return back to school on the 20th of July, instead of this Monday.

"The increase in the number of infections has again necessitated the education sector to review its plans for the phasing in of grades," said the education superintendent-general Mr. Themba Kojana, in a circular which was addressed to all principals.

Grades 4, 9 and 10 are expected to return on 27 July, with learners in Grades 5 and 8 returning on 3 August and those in Grades 2 and 1 returning on 10 August.

"This has been considered on various levels by all the roleplayers, including stakeholders, the heads of...all education departments, and the Council of Education Ministers, comprising all the Members of the Executive Councils of the departments of educations," said Kojana.



Loyiso Pulumani, department spokesperson, has announced that since the department has issued a guideline that provides instructions on how the department plans to phase in the additional grades, those schools that have applied for deviation are allowed to do so.

In the circular, Kojana touched on the issue that some schools that applied for a deviation from the directive were allowed to reopen. The grounds for granting the permission of the deviation however were not stated.

It has been reported by News24 that 557 learners, teachers and support staff have tested positive for COVID-19 at schools within the province.

Premier Oscar Mabuyane has spoken to journalists about the closing of schools since they have reopened on 8 June. With a total of 200 schools closing due to the rise in COVID-19 cases at schools.

Since this pandemic is so unpredictable it is unclear to say when these schools will return contact learning. However with the help and guidance of the department learners will receive the education they deserve.

 "As indicated before, the Corona pandemic (sic) remains a very fluid situation, which is constantly monitored, and which necessitates decisions to be evaluated and reviewed, as the situation changes," says Kojana.



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