Durban Students Embark On Clean-Up Mission Following Looting

Students in areas affected by looting are fed up and have decided to start cleaning up their communities. Roads were scattered with debris from violence and looting which has been occurring for the past few days.


Students who attend the Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) were seen cleaning up the mess caused by looters outside their residences. Outbreaks of violence and looting were seen across Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng over the past few days.

Students along with other members of communities affected by looting have come forward and embarked on clean up missions to make sure their communities are back to the way it was.

One student leader, who saw looting happening near to where his residence is, said:

As a student, looting really disturbs us because we understand that we are students and we comply to the rules and regulations of the nation, of Covid.

Students have said that they do not have food and are suffering. They are also having difficulties getting basic needs such as sanitary pads with many shops being looted and destroyed in the province.

"The only solution we can come up with is to write relevant letters to those who can assist us by giving such needs because we cannot live like this, it's way beyond us, this thing must stop."

The student leader encourages South Africans to become peaceful and understand that what is happening is not right saying, "currently, people are only thinking for themselves".

On Tuesday, two residences were set alight in the Durban and Pietermaritzburg areas with students needing to be accommodated in temporary housing. 

While speaking to The Careers Portal, SASCO's Luvuyo Barnes said, "We have a responsibility to our students and that is what we are focused on".

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These students, along with intending to restore their communities are also promoting peace amongst citizens.

Clean up operations are also currently underway in other parts of the province. Some streets which were chaotic earlier this week are now clean and quite the opposite of what it was just a day ago.

Looting does however continue in other parts of the province.

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