Durban School Closed For Weeks After Water Is Cut

Learners at a Durban school have not been in school for weeks. The school is said to owe the municipality hundreds of thousands of rands in water bills.


Some schools in South Africa still don't have proper access to water and sanitation facilities. 

Stanger Heights Primary School in Durban was forced to close after it's water was cut with the school owing the municipality over R300 000. Reports of the school suffering from underground leaks have also surfaced.

Its believed that the school will remain closed for a number of days until negotiations are made between the school, the department and the municipality.

Parents at the school have of course not been happy with what has transpired at the school as their children are now being kept out of school for weeks.

One parent who has three children at the Durban school said that parents began meeting on Tuesday:

Our first approach was to find the facts from the school itself and the principal was quite helpful in terms of giving us the information and what he has done. Our next step is to try and speak to the department to try and find the answers.

Another parents tweeted the provincial department MEC, Kwazi Mshengu, on Sunday. Following this, action was then taken at the school with the MEC saying, "The District Director is attending to this matter".

"My kids have not been in school, this is the fourth week now. On a daily basis they ask me 'are we going tomorrow daddy' and I'm like 'no, there's no communication that says you can go back to school' so it's been frustrating," said a parent.

Parents have not received any communication from the school when it comes to how the time lost will be made up. The school has only said that learners will not be assessed on work which has not been covered.

Mshengu has said that he is confident that the water at the school will be reconnected this week.



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