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Do You Know What You Are Watching?

Online Security

Students are generally a tech savvy bunch, particularly when it comes to the internet and social media platforms. But that doesn't make you a target for various fraudulent scams. Be aware of new trends and cyber trolls.

Do You Know What You Are Watching and Source of Apps Downloads?

The Film and Publication Board (FPB) has urged parents to be vigilant and closely monitor their children’s online activities, especially games downloaded on various App stores or from other online sources.

The board in a statement said it has been alerted of a mobile game called “Momo Challenge”, which it describes as a form of cyberbullying targeting young children. It encourages self-harm and may even lead to suicide, the FPB said.

The “Momo Challenge” appears as a scary image on online platforms with requests for the user to contact “Momo” on WhatsApp through one of several contact numbers. Reports claim that the character instructs children to complete challenges that they must keep secret or “Momo” will kill them.

FPB’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Maria Motebang said in the statement said:  “Our FPB online monitors conducted a search on legitimate and known App stores and were unable to find reference to the game. However, there is a possibility that the game may be shared on a peer-to-peer basis”.

The board urged parents and guardians to monitor their children’s devices and report such content on the FPB hotline number 0800 148 148 or




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