Dlamini-Zuma's New Lockdown Regulations Made Simple


Minister Dlamini -Zuma has released a government gazette which dives deep into the new lockdown regulations announced by President Ramaphosa. We've made it simpler for you, here are the new regulations.

Minister Dlamini -Zuma has released a government gazette which dives deep into the new lockdown regulations announced by President Ramaphosa. We've made it simpler for you, here are the new regulations.

The President announced that the adjusted lockdown level 3 will be extended and will stay in place until the country is passed the peak of infections.

The sale of alcohol is still not permitted. 

It remains compulsory to wear a mask at all times in a public space.

Beaches & Parks & Night Clubs

Dlamini-Zuma further explained what government means when they say 'beach' by saying:

'beach' means the sandy, pebbly or rocky shore- (a) between the high -water mark and low -water mark adjacent to- (i) the sea. or (ii) an estuary mouth extending 1000 meters inland from the mouth; and (b) within 100 metres of the high -water mark, excluding private property. including the sea and estuary themselves adjacent to the beach.

Beaches, public pools, rivers and dams in hotspot areas are closed.

Beaches in the Northern Cape can only be open from 6AM until 7PM.

Game parks, botanical gardens, aquariums, zoos and other parks are open from 9AM until 6PM. Public parks are closed.

Night clubs, bars, taverns and shebeens are closed.

Borders & Travel

All land ports of entry to both come in and go out of the country is closed until 15 February.

They are open only for:

  • The transportation of fuel, cargo and goods
  • Emergency medical attention for a life-threatening condition. with proof of such treatment
  • The return of a South African national, permanent resident, person with a long-term residence visa, spouse with a visa, child or children with visa, person with a work visa and holder of a business visa
  • Funeral purposes for family members in the first degree of kinship to the deceased persons
  • Diplomats;
  • The deportation of foreign nationals
  • The departure of a South African national, or permanent resident, to his or her place of employment. study or residence
  • Daily commuters from neighbouring countries who attend school in South Africa

OR Tambo International Airport, Cape Town International Airport and King shaka International Airport are the only airports allowed to be used to international air travel.

Travellers must produce a valid certificate showing that they have tested negative for Covid 72 hours before they are due to be travelling. Should they fail to do so, they will then undergo an antigen test on arrival.


Curfew has been changed to be between 5AM and 9PM.

You are only allowed to be outside your place of residence should you have permission from government to perform a service or for security and medical emergencies.

The following places will close at 8PM:

  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Casions
  • Museums, galleries, archives
  • Gyms and fitness centres
  • Restaurants
  • Auction venues
  • Professional sporting venues


Funerals must have a maximum of 50 people in attendance and must be for a maximum of two hours. 

Night vigils, after-tears gatherings, social gatherings, faith-based gatherings, traditional council meetings and political gatherings are not allowed. 

Gatherings at workplaces for work purposes are allowed. 

Gatherings at gyms, auctions, fitness centres, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, casinos, museums, galleries, archives, sports grounds, sports fields must have a maximum of 50 people indoors and a maximum of 100 people outdoors. 

Initiation Practices

Initiation practices are prohibited across the country, except for the remaining new initiates in Eastern Cape. 

All post-initiation practices are prohibited. 

Any person who breaks the regulations will have to pay a fine or might even be imprisoned for a period of no more than six months, could even be both.

To view the full government gazette, click here.




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