Department Unveils Student Accommodation Project at the UFH

The Department of Higher Education Science and Innovation has recently unveiled a completed student village housing accommodation development at the University of Fort Hare's Alice Campus in the Eastern Cape.


Student accommodation is often among the many grievances raised when students take part in protests across the country's 26 public universities. It is an area that leaves much to be desired in the way of results when it comes to being fully addressed. 

However, there seems to have been progress made as spirits were high in the small town of Alice at the University of Fort Hare's on Monday afternoon, as the Department of Higher Education (DHET) unveiled the completion of a student housing village.

Heralded as one of the largest student accommodation developments in the country with a housing capacity of 2000 beds. According to a tweet by the DHET, the project will ensure that the university currently provides accommodation for 70% of its enrolled students and is said to have taken two years to complete at the cost of R419 million.

The University's Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Sakhela Buhlungu also expressed gratitude to the Department of Higher Education and Innovation for its support in ensuring that the project materialized.

During his address at the launch, Minister of Higher Education, Dr Blade Nzimande also stated that student accommodation must be prioritized as it is paramount in ensuring the safety and comfort of students. Further stating that negative living standards tend to have a huge impact on a student's overall studying experience.

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