Department Taken To Court Over Unfed School Children

Education Activists organisations have taken the Department of Basic Education to court over what they call the "Breach of Court Order." It is not the first time that the organisations have taken the Department to court, read further for more details.


The Department of Education (DBE) is being taken to court by Education Activists, Equal Education (EE) and Section 27 over unfed school children.

The EE says the DBE is undermining the order of the court to provide school qualifying children with meals. The court order was enforced to the DBE in June 2020 and they are now forced to go back to court on the basis of failing to follow the court judgement against them.

The previous judgement granted that government should ensure the qualifying learners for the nutrition programme are getting meals whether they are attending school or not.

The court order requires the DBE to feed over 9 million school children a day, and according to the EE, the DBE sent reports showing that 1.5 million learners remain unfed due to rotational timetable under Covid-19 pandemic.

The solution for child hunger should be the national school nutrition programme… food parcels can assist… its not rocket science if you are committed to feeding children… said the Head of Education Rights

- Section 27's Dr Faranaaz Veriava.

The EE added that the DBE has failed to make plans that are in line with changes enforced by Covid-19 pandemic causing a big gap of children going to school without food.

The Department's failure to provide pupils with food might mean that many children who qualify for the government nutrition programme have dropped out of school as a result.

Education Activists action aims at ensuring that no school going children are left behind on the basis that they are hungry and therefore can’t benefit on their education right.

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