Department Finalises Plan For Unplaced Learners

Department Finalises Plan For Unplaced Learners

The Western Cape Education Department says that it is implementing a plan to place the learners who are currently registered as unplaced in the province. 


2 550 Learners that are currently registered as unplaced in the Western Cape are going to be placed at schools soon according to the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) who is currently finalising its plan for these learners. 

MEC Debbie Schäfer says that the plan includes the provision of 129 mobile classrooms to schools and the addition of teaching posts. 

The department said that while some schools already have extra classrooms available, other schools require mobile classrooms which take time to construct. 

Schäfer says that schools that have received additional teaching posts have agreed to accommodate learners in alternative spaces, such as school halls or laboratories while the mobile classrooms are constructed. 

According to Schäfer the unplaced learners will be placed in schools and be ready by the time the second term resumes. 

Many are concerned about these learners who have now missed a full term's work and will have to catch up while beginning with the second term. 

Schäfer says: 

“The [department] is well aware that these learners have missed a full term of work, and lesson packs for the first term will be made available at the schools where the learners will be placed,

District officials will also guide schools on how to support learners with a catch-up plan, and will monitor the learners’ assessment results for the second term to determine future support programmes." 

She says that the plan will require additional funding and this has been the biggest challenge with regards to additional infrastructure and teachers. Funding will be obtained by reprioritizing existing funding which means that future budget allocations as well as long term plans of the department will be negatively affected said Schäfer. 


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