DBE To Launch National School Hygiene Program

A person washing their hands

The Department of Basic Education is looking to reinforce education on personal hygiene in schools through its launch of the National Schools Hygiene Programme. 



The Basic Education Department will launch the National Schools Hygiene Programme (NSHP) on Friday and kick-start the extended Hand Hygiene Programme at Zimasa Primary School in Langa, Cape Town.

Dr Granville Whittle, the Deputy Director-General of Care and Support in Schools, is set to deliver the keynote address during the event.

The department’s implementation of the National School Hygiene Programme will be supported by consumer products company, Unilever through its well-known products such as Lifebuoy, Mentadent P and Domestos.

The department further stated that the programme also includes a 21-day behaviour change intervention about washing hands with soap, how to use a toothbrush and toothpaste as well as how to clean school toilets appropriately.

Each year on October 15, the world commemorates Global Handwashing Day. It is a global movement that aims to encourage and mobilise people to wash their hands with soap at important times.

The 2021 Global Handwashing Day is celebrated under the theme, ‘Our Future is at Hand – Let's Move Forward Together.'

The department further stated that the Western Cape province will pioneer the implementation of the Extended Hand Hygiene Programme.

Additionally, Grade 1 educators and peer educators have been trained on the National School Hand Hygiene Program (NSHP) and the Extended Hand Hygiene Program (EHHP) in preparation for its implementation after its debut on Global Handwashing Day.


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