DBE Takes Action Against Teachers Who Sexually Abused Learners

As the Department of Basic Education (DBE) hosted an event to celebrate teachers who go beyond the call of duty on Wednesday in Kempton, some teachers were being investigated for gross misconduct where learners are reportedly being victimised sexually. 


Department of Basic Education (DBE) has fired 11 teachers, including those charged with sexual assault against pupils.

The DBE Chief Director, Enoch Rabotapi said the latest report from South African Council of Educators (SACE) about the teachers charged for gross misconduct is a big concern. 

SACE said it investigated 443 cases against teachers, ranging from assault to theft, sexual harassment against pupils and teachers, and sexual violence against pupils. 

Rabotapi stated that the DBE is expected to lead by example within the broader society to change the perceptions of how teachers should behave towards learners. 

I think we also need to acknowledge that what we see within our education system is the reflection of the problem that we have within the broader society. 

Speaking at a Teachers Award Event in Kempton, President Cyril Ramaphosa pleaded with teachers to go beyond the call of duty in ensuring the future of learners is protected. 

Ramaphosa had touched on the most troubling crisis faced by the South African public schools which is the record high learner dropout rate.

The latest news from the education sector about teachers who sexually assaulted leaners has now undermined the vision and the mission encouraged by the president at the National Teachers Award event on Wednesday. 

DBE Chief Director said the department will be working with SAPS to escalate these cases as they are of criminal nature. 

However, Rabotapi indicated that in most cases, parents enter into an agreement with the perpetrators to drop the cases which disrupts the department's disciplinary processes.   

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