Damage To Looted Schools Amounts to R140 Million

Damage To Looted Schools Costs R140 Million

Damage from looting activities in Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng spread as far as schools. Now, Government has been told that these damages amount to a cost of R140 million with no answers being given as to where this money will come from.


The Basic Education Portfolio Committee received a report which outlined that the damage schools sustained from looting amounted to R140 million. 139 schools were affected in KwaZulu-Natal with another 53 in Gauteng.

KZN school damage amounted to R88 million with Gauteng seeing R53 million in damage costs.

Committee chair, Bongiwe Mbingo-Gigaba, said:

That's a lot of money. It's not money that the department will be able to have any time soon. There is not money. No one budgeted for that.

"No one expected that there would be an unrest in our country that would cost the Department of Basic Education that load of money so they don't have that money," she said.

It's said that in Gauteng, efforts are being made to find money for repairs but the department will have to use mobile classrooms.

Mbingo-Gigaba believes that Government will not be able to recover that money.

Unfortunately, we do not have money to replace the damage that has been done.

There are however schools which were damaged but can still be used with the department making plans so that learning and teaching can continue in some form.

The Committee is now showing concern about schools being a target for protestors with Mbingo-Gigaba commenting, "our communities must really start to look into issues of anger ... when you're angry and protesting, why must you target your own interests".

She continued to say that not learners are having to continue with mobile classrooms which had to be set up in a short time, which shows that there's consequences which have to be lived with.

With South Africa's economy being in a dire state, the Chairperson said that it would be difficult to find the budget to repair the damage but that provincial departments will "scratch for money trying to fix the damage other people made".


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