DA Believes That Wrong Pass Rate Was Announced


The DA announced that South Africa's 2020 matric results are not accurate as it does not truly reflect the number of students who are failed the 2020 NSC exams in the country.



Minister Angie Motshekga announced on the 22nd of February that the pass rate for the 2020 Matric Class was 76.2%. Which is a decrease of 5.1% compared to the 2019 matric pass rate.

However, the Democratic Alliance (DA) announced that the accurate matric pass rate is 44.1%. The new pass rate was calculated by comparing the number of learners that enrolled in 2018, which was 997 872, to the number that wrote (578 468) and passed Matric in 2020, 440 702 learners.

The group of Grade 12 learners began with 1 072 993 learners enrolled in 2009 as Grade 1s, which translates to a pass rate of 44.1%.

The DA stated that the Accounting, Mathematics and Physical Sciences pass rates have decreased. The Physical Sciences pass rate decreased by 10%.

"The serious concerns plaguing the South African basic education system will never be addressed if the department continues to try and bury the truth of their ineptitude," stated the DA.

The political party believes that the matric pass rate is disappointing and "indicative of the chaotic nature of the 2020 academic year", which is linked with the "historic challenge of South Africa’s extraordinarily high drop-out rate.”

The DA criticised the lack of infrastructure, inadequate support for teachers, and the overburdened curriculum.

However, these issues were not brought about by the pandemic. "These problems have been ignored for years in favour of whitewashing matric results to mask the severe systemic failures of the Department of Basic Education."

"Yet, in spite of many challenges, countless teachers stepped up and went the extra mile for their learners during this period. They have done wonders in an effort to ensure that each and every child still received a quality education, and the DA commends them for their service," said the statement.

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