Covid-19 Could Have A Dire Social Impact On Children


Save The Children SA has said that Covid-19 could still have a dire social impact on children though they are less likely to be infected by the virus. Children have lost out on a large number of schooling days.


Save The Children SA manager, Divya Naidoo, revealed that a study conducted on children in South Africa shows Covid-19 still has a dire social impact on children.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic could be long-lasting and life altering for children in South Africa. Research done by University of Cape Town found that in South Africa alone, around 100 000 children have lost their primary caregiver to the virus.

Naidoo said a number of children lose their parents as the result of the Covid-19 pandemic and are left as orphans.

Its also reported that some of the affected children drop out of schools and look for other means to survive like prostitution.

Save The Children SA says when there is no one to care for the children they become vulnerable to all sorts of bad influences.

Naidoo said its easy for opportunists with ulterior motives to take advantage of children and take them into their houses for selfish reasons.

The community should emphasize schooling on children and ensure that they are protected against the disruptions that comes with Covid-19, said Naidoo.

Naidoo also urged the community to be alert and concerned by opening up opportunities for children without parents to ensure their safety.

She explained that when children are left at risk people will take advantage of them and that the community should alert relevant organisations about such incidents.

Save The Children SA calls on anyone who knows of children that are at risk to contact organisations like the Department of Social Development.

Children are also encouraged to inform their teachers at schools or any other responsible adult for help.





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