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Covid-19 Costs South Africa Another Five Lives


Lockdown continues, cases are growing and death totals are growing. However, South Africa is doing well with their totals as previous projections saw numbers way larger than the current reality.

South Africa, as reported on 8 April, has a confirmed total of 1845 positive coronavirus cases. As from 8 April, 63776 tests were conducted in total. There has also been five more deaths recorded, bringing the death toll to 18.

The deaths are as follows:

  • A 55 year old male from Free State
  • A 77 year old male from Free State
  • A 49 year old male from Gauteng
  • A 52 year old male from Gauteng
  • A 70 year old male from Kwazulu-Natal

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that it is possible for South Africa to flatten the curve without having the lockdown extended. This means that we would see a slower increase of new cases over a longer period of time. This would allow more people to get better care from healthcare workers and not have healthcare be overwhelmed.

WHO has stated, “It is still early. There is still time to flatten the curve.”

If we maintain social distancing and adhere to the rules of the lockdown, we can beat the virus. The Public Health Registrar at the University of Pretoria, Dr. Edzani Mpaphuli has said, “This disease has no legs. We are its legs, so if we stop moving we can stop it.”

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