Council Launches Teachers Handbook on How to Deal With Violence

Council Launches Teachers Handbook on How to Deal With Violence

The Teachers Council has launched a handbook for teachers on how to deal with violence at school. Teachers have been facing violence in various forms for years and the Teachers Council is finally acknowledging it. 


After facing years and years of violence the Teachers Council has finally launched the teachers handbook on how to deal with violence in the workspace. 

Starting in 2019, teachers have been noticing and experiencing an increase in violent encounters at school, and because, of laws and regulations, they are unsure on how do deal with it and how to protect themselves.

At various meeting, in the development of the handbook, they have noticed that they are all facing different types of violence and in different forms. While some might be experiencing physical violence, others might be experiencing it in ways of verbal violence. 

Teachers have reported that they are not only being facing violence from leaners but, also parents.

Upon being involved in violent encounters, teachers are saying that they are not being prioritised and the situations are not being dealt with as needed. 

They are now in the works of developing The Teachers Rights, Responsibilities and Safety Programme, to assist them when facing acts of violence.

Ella Mokgalane, CEO of the South African Council for Educators says the main areas that we are seeing these violent encounters are urban, township and informal settlement schools.

I think we need to put more efforts into the urban schools, townships and informal settlements that is where most of the challenges are.

However, rural schools should not be ignored. 

Teachers are not only having to deal with violence but, they also have to deal with the learners stress, struggling with not being able assist learners outside of school.

Teachers are not receiving the kind of psychosocial help they need to deal with a full plate of violence against them and learners stress.

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