COSAS Believes Matric Learners Should Not Write Exams On Full Syllabus

Since COVID-19 has presented matriculants with many challenges this year, COSAS believes that learners in Grade 12 should not be tested on the full syllabus for their final exams.

On Thursday 5 November 2020, over one million Grade 12 learners wrote the first final exam paper. COSAS believes that they should not have been tested on the full syllabus since many students were at a disadvantage due to COVID-19.

COSAS spokesperson, Douglas Ngobeni, spoke to SABC News about their concerns regarding this matter.

They believe that during the nationwide lockdown learners at public schools were at the greatest disadvantage. While private school learners received online lessons, those at public schools were not reached.

Therefore, valuable learning time was lot during lockdown, which caused teachers to rush the syllabus when schools reopened.

For this reason, COSAS contacted the Department of Basic Education and requested that Grade 12 learners be tested on at least 75% of the syllabus during their final exams.

COSAS knew that the examination papers were set up at the beginning of the year and their reason for only speaking up now is because learners have raised their concerns about the difficulty of these papers.

Even though their request for learners to be tested on 75% of the syllabus has been denied by the Department of Basic Education, they have assured SABC News that they will not stop fighting for those matriculants who are at a disadvantage.

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