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Communities Urged To Fight School Disruptions

Many grade 7 learners returned to school today after the break that started on 27 July 2020. Schools have been facing many problems during this break and the department is not happy with some members of School Governing Bodies trying to interrupt teaching in an attempt to make schools close.


 The department is now calling for communities to help stop groups that are threatening to close schools. 

“In Gauteng SGB members disrupted 38 schools in Daveyton/Etwatwa, 37 schools in Tsakane and eight schools in Kwa Thema on Thursday last week." said Elijah Mhlanga, Head of communications for the Basic Education Department.

The Congress of South African Students (COSAS) is also being accused of trying to disrupt teaching in schools around the country. 

The groups have been warned that action will be taken against them for trying to put an end to learning in schools. 

“The department would like to remind all members of SGBs that the closing of schools remains a legal function reserved for the provincial head of department, and when members of an SGB act outside the legal dictates of their role and function, they risk the immediate disbandment of the entire SGB,” Mhlanga said.

He reminded SGBs that they must act in the best interest of all stakeholders and schools before their own interests. 

“The South African Schools Act further stipulates that an SGB must: 

  • Promote the best interest of the school and ensure its development
  • Adopt a constitution setting out how the SGB will operate 
  • Adopt a mission statement for the school
  • Adopt a code of conduct for learners at the school which sets out disciplinary procedures 
  • Help the principal, educators and other staff members to perform their professional functions
  • Decide on school policy which should include amongst others admissions, language and finance. 
  • Administer and control the property of the school, buildings, and grounds
  • Encourage learners, educators and other staff members at the school to offer voluntary services to the school” 

The department is asking all School Governing Bodies to file complaints instead of taking matters into their own hands.




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