Cape Town Theatres Decide To Reopen Next Year

Cape Town theatres have hosted many great shows but they have now decided to close curtains until 2021. Many workers and performers have been affected, as theatres have been struggling to stay afloat.

Although theatre performances are allowed to take place under the lockdown level 3 regulations, some theatres are concerned about safety and finances.

Theatres have had to adjust to a new system under level 3, which includes: only having 50 people in the theatre and limiting the crew to 15 members.

Founder of the Fugard Theatre, Eric Abraham, said: “The Fugard Theatre and Bioscope will remain closed until we can be confident that staff, performers and audiences will not be at risk. We do not envisage this to be until some point late next year.”

Spokesperson of Baxter Theatre Fahiem Stellenboom said: “While we would love to open our doors and welcome back audiences and artists to our spaces, a limit of 50 people, or less, does not make any financial sense for any theatre”.

The Minister of Sports, Arts & Culture, Nathi Mthethwa said two panels were set up to handle applications for the covid-19 relief fund. 

The R150 million fund was meant to benefit athletes and artists who had been financially affected by the lockdown.

“From sport we worked through the federations, and we insisted that we want these funds to reach athletes. However, from arts and culture we do not have those federations but the good thing is that we have national organisations and we will engage them, because in the final analysis we want to make sure that our people get assistance.”

Mthethwa said his department was considering reopening applications since many people in the arts and culture sector did not benefit from the funding in the same way as those in the sport sector.

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