Calls for University of Zululand's VC to be Removed

After the community calls for the removal of University of Zululand's Vice-Chancellor, the university says the communities accusations are a one-sided view of things. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor then goes on to explain what the university is doing to better the situation and why everything they are being accused of is necessary. 


The community is requesting for the removal of University of Zululand's Vice-Chancellor, accusing her of being a dictator and not providing beneficial work opportunities.

The community has accused the university of not providing beneficial work opportunities at the university but, the university has responded saying that this is a one-sided view.

The university says the accusations against them creates misconceptions about how the university is governed and the role that is played by the vice-chancellor.

Interim Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sipho Seepe responded by saying: 

Firstly, we are not an employment agency and when we employ, the rule of law governs us

The deputy vice-chancellor then continues to say that they, "invite people from all over to apply at the university otherwise the university will no longer exist".

And, "the community cannot expect the university to start breaking the law by not following certain rules and regulations given by the government and with regards to the requirement of the work that need to be done.".

The vice-chancellor was also accused of being a dictator and of sitting on council and other committees. Prof. Seepe responded saying: 

Unfortunately, that is actually true.

Then explains that her involvement is governed by the university and is necessary as the principle of the university and part of the law.

After being accused of not working with the community to improve of the development on KwaZulu-Natal, the deputy vice-chancellor ensured that the university has been in works with the city's municipality about helping with the water crisis that the province might face.

There is also a memorandum of agreement in works, with the business sector at the university saying what the university can do to advance local economic development and help build a better future for the community.


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