Calls For SASSA To Bring Back Grants

SASSA decided to cancel child support grants for people who were battling to get IDs and birth certificates, however, the UCT Children's Institute appeals to SASSA to reinstate the grants.

The institute announced that there is a provision in the regulations for South Africans to apply for Child Support Grants while they wait to receive their documents from Home Affairs.

According to the institute, the cancellation of these grants are unlawful.

Mbonisi Nyathi, from the UCT Children's Institute, pointed out that some people do not have the money to travel to SASSA offices and others are being turned away by the security because they are not able to show identification themselves.

Applicants have three months from the time of their application for the grant to get the proof from the Department of Home Affairs that they are waiting for either their ID or birth certificate.

However, applicants are finding this process challenging since Home Affairs and SASSA are not communicating well with regards to helping these people apply for Child Support Grants.

Nyathi announced that this is a problem that existed long before COVID-19. They began collecting evidence since 2018 to show the difficulties that are associated with applying for this grant.

Many applicants have waited up to two years for their documents which delayed their application process, whereas others encountered difficulties at SASSA where they do not adhere to their own policies.

The institute has worked to get SASSA to agree to reinstate these grants until the state of disaster is over.

Those who are encountering difficulties with these grants are welcome to visit the UCT Children's institute's website for assistance.

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