Call For SASSA To Extend All Grant Top-Ups

The President's recent announcement of the extension of the R350 grant has been met with mixed feelings. Concerns have been raised about other grants and why they will not be extended like the R350 grant.

The top-ups to existing grants will be stopped while the R350 grant receives an extension. This means people who relied on these grants will no longer receive an extra R500 or R250 top up when collecting their grants.

There are concerns about the impact this will have on women, who are often the caregivers responsible for making ends meet with the grants.

At the beginning of the lockdown, the president introduced the Temporary Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress grant. This grant was meant to provide financial relief of R350 to unemployed South Africans.

Along with this grant, the government decided to top up other existing grants such as disability grants and child grants. 

The Covid-19 People’s Coalition has expressed its disappointment at the President's decision to not extend top-up grants. The organisation feels that women will be disadvantaged the most as they are caregivers with households that depend on them. 

It also argued that the grants have been very helpful for many families who were left without jobs because of Covid-19.

“Caregivers are excluded from receiving the SRD grant so women are not only expected to take care of children but they are punished for it. This is a testament that, despite the government’s rhetoric in support of women, actual policy is abandoning the most precarious of women and children.

The Coalition has called for the government to help women in need by extending all top-ups for existing grants. 

“If the government is to align its rhetoric to action that would seriously assist in supporting women, then the caregiver grant must be extended and increased immediately.”The Department of Social Development said all queries about the decision to not extend all grants should be directed to the National Treasury. 

The Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni is due to deliver his Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS). He is expected to address the grants when he delivers his statement. 

“All we can confirm at this point is that the R350 Covid-related grant has been extended by three months as per the announcement by the president,” said the National Treasury.

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