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Basic Education Will Revise Plans To Increase Levels of Reading


The Department of Basic Education has shown concern about the effects the pandemic has had on the teaching and learning taking place. Learners have not been reading as much as they need to and now, the Department is set to have plans in place to aid this.


With the global pandemic happening and a lockdown following it for months had children all over South Africa at home and not in schools. A side effect of the National Lockdown has been that reading has decreased.

There were many days of school lost, especially with the early grades. This could lead to long term learning losses and increases in inequalities which exist in learning, said Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga in a media briefing.

She said that it's urgent for the Department and schools to provide support to teachers to help assist children with reading. 

The Department has encouraged parents and teachers to help with their children reading more and want parents to help close the gap that now exists.

The Minister announced that there are revised teaching plans to extend reading programmes next year and through this, they hope to improve reading knowledge amongst learners.

The Department also aims to start and continue the teaching of reading in African languages in the foundation phase. Various reading programmes will now be used to elevate this.

Motshekga also wanted to give teachers the spotlight and appreciation they deserve and spoke about Teachers Day, which is set to take place on 5 October. The Department will show their appreciation of the sacrifices from teachers during this rocky and unpredictable time.

"Without teachers, we would not have efficient learning and teaching," said the Minister.

The theme for Teacher's Day will be Teachers Leading in Crisis: Reimagining The Future as they focus on the Teacher Appreciation Act by working in solidarity with teachers in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Minister and her Department also sent their condolences to all affected families of teachers who passed away from Covid-19 complications.

Motshekga said a special celebration will happen to celebrate hero teachers as she acknowledged that teachers facilitate an acquisition range of skills learners will need in the economic sphere as they get older.




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