Ballito Rage Is Cancelled, Here's What The Organisers Have Said

The Ballito Rage orgainses were determined for this year's event to go ahead. However, despite their efforts, the event has been cancelled.


As the news of a new Covid-19 variant broke last week, various sections of society called for the Ballito Rage event to be cancelled. This as the event could be a potential super spreader event.

The event's organisers believed that strict Covid-19 protocols would make the event much safer. These protocols require all both staff and attendees to provide proof of vaccination, being tested on arrival while also being subjected to Covid-19 rapid antigen testing every two days.

Rage organisers delivered on these promises and tested both staff and guests on arrival. The tests revealed that of the 940 guests and staff were tested, 32 guests and 4 staff presented positive results.

This has ultimately led the organisers to pull the curtain on the event.

In a statement, they said ‘After further exhaustive review this morning (Wednesday 1 December 2021), consultation and guidance from the local and provincial Departments of Health and other key stakeholders, the decision was collectively made to cancel the event going forward based on the data now available to us’.

‘Whilst we understand the disappointment that this causes for those who were looking forward to enjoying the festival, these are unprecedented times. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and support. Ticket holders will receive further information in the coming days via email’ added the organisers

‘We strongly urge all ticket holders who choose to stay in the area and/or travel during the holiday period to continue to be extremely responsible, stay safe and play their part in fighting the spread of Covid-19” concluded the statement.

Last year’s edition of the event saw an outbreak of Covid-19 infections among ravers. The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NCID) said ‘Of the 2 253 Rage attendees (at the 2020 Rage Event), 848 (37.6%) laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases were identified, of which 846 (99.8%) were revelers and two were crew (0.2%)’.

The NCID said, “The investigation revealed that two of the Rage attendees had positive SARS-CoV-2 results before the Rage but still proceeded to attend the event. This indicates lack of discipline and irresponsible risk behaviours amongst revelers as there is little or no adherence to the recommended prevention measures”.



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