Are We Moving To Lockdown Level 2 This Week?

The country has seen many positives in it's way of dealing with this pandemic and things seem to have eased as multiple provinces pass their peak. Now, officials are pushing for level 2 and many are speculating that the President might announce a further easing of lockdown regulations. Are we finally moving to lockdown level 2?

Many are speculating that President Ramaphosa will speak to the nation on Saturday and announce many things that will make South Africans happy. These might include a further easing of lockdown regulations, moving the country to level 2 and some change towards lifting the alcohol and cigarette ban. 

SA's Health Minister also said that he was to make recommendations about the easing of lockdown regulations to the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC). His department also presented information showing that South Africa has seen a decrease in daily infections to the President. 

Mkhize said, "Out of that, the president will provide guidance around what we are able to do.” This will come from looking ar scientific evidence and trends surrounding the virus and many sections presenting about Covid.

“I would say that if we really want to see things changing and restrictions being eased off , we must really focus on masks, hand sanitisers and washing hands. If we do so, I think we will be able to get good news," said the Minister.

The declaration of the state of disaster expires soon but the Department of Health wants it to be extended as they feel it is too early to end it. Mkhize has warned the public of aa possible second wave of infection as seen in other countries and that we should stay careful to prevent this.

“We have passed an inflection point. This is the point at which the upward trend of the graph of newer infections is trending downwards and there are fewer positive cases," said Mkhize who also said that the cases recorded are not at the low level that Government wants it to be. 

The Forum of South African Directors-General (Fosad) have also said that the country should move to level 2 of lockdown. This decision was presented to the NCCC on 11 August and would need to be approved and then implemented.

Level 2 would indicate a moderate Covid-19 spread with a high health system readiness. 

Western Cape's Premier, Alan Winde, has also asked for regulations to be eased in the province after ir was seen that it passed it's Covid peak. He also pleaded with Government to lift the alcohol ban in the Western Cape saying that it could handle the effects it would have on healthcare in the province.

Winde said, “The Western Cape has passed its peak and currently has adequate platform capacity, to the extent that the MSF field hospital in Khayelitsha is in the process of closing and we will soon be considering whether all our field hospitals need to remain open."

Eastern Cape has also been said to be ending it's peak as well as Gauteng which has numbers showing that there are fewer daily infections and more recoveries. 

Many are expecting President Ramaphosa to address the nation on Saturday, 15 August, which is also when the declaration of the state of disaster ends. This must still be confirmed.

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