Are Unisa Students Getting Laptops From NSFAS?

Across higher education institutions, we've seen laptops being distributed to students to make online learning more accessible and NSFAS has also promised to deliver laptops to beneficiaries. However, will Unisa students get laptops from NSFAS as well? Here's what we know.


With NSFAS promising laptops to students, we have to then wonder whether Unisa students are included.

Seeing that Unisa is a distance learning University where students study from home, it would then be assumed that students have access to a device to enable learning. However, one has to factor in that some students made use of computers on campus. Since Unisa closed it's campuses due to the pandemic, students were then not able to access these resources.

In November 2019, Unisa released a statement saying: that laptop deliveries have begun to NSFAS students at the University. 

Unisa and NSFAS have delivered laptops to 95% of the students who met the 60-credit requirement by Unisa. 

8 256 students are said to have opted for laptops and Unisa has said that those laptops will be funded by the NSFAS learning material allowance (LMA).

Then in June 2020, the University said further that laptops are being delivered or students had the opportunity to fetch the laptops from suppliers.

The Minister of Higher Education has said that laptop deliveries to NSFAS students all across South Africa will commence in April. 

As for NSFAS students outside of Unisa, these laptops have been an issue since the moment they were promised. Now, a year later, students will finally see some actual action being taken. This process was delayed for a long period of time for various reasons. 

Students who are set to receive the laptops are funded by NSFAS and will have their learning materials allowance used to get the laptop. This allowance usually sees the student receiving around R5000 to purchase devices, books and any other learning material needed.

The laptop will then belong to the student and will be used for the duration of their qualification. 

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