Are Schools Ready To Open On Monday?


Learners are set to return to school on 15 February 2021. However, not all learners have received the same amount of support during the pandemic.


Equal Education has stated that the fact that public and private learners were not supported the same way during the pandemic, highlights a bigger problem.

Noncedo Madubadube, the General Secretary of Equal Education, stated that Equal Education is looking for information about how the rotational system is going to work and if schools can ensure that all learners who qualify receive school meals, whether or not they are at school.

The provision of personal protective equipment is another issue that the organization is looking into.

The MEC of Education in the Eastern Cape has announced that the province does not have enough money to provide PPE for all its learners.

Recently, teachers and school staff have returned to schools and many in the Western Cape have stated that they are happy to be back as they have enough PPE.

Since private schools have started their academic year before public schools, many are concerned that those in public schools will be left behind the rest.

Madubadube has pointed out that the pandemic has highlighted the inequality between public and private schools.

Before learners return to school, Equal Education wants schools to be prepared by having a set rotational system in place, enough PPE and a school meal program in place for learners when they are school and home.

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