All Students Will Soon Get Their NSFAS Allowances, says Unisa

All Unisa Students Will Soon Get Their NSFAS Allowances

The delay seen in disbursing NSFAS allowances to Unisa students even went as far as a petition being started. The University has now addressed the delays and has given dates for when students should expect their NSFAS allowances.


Unisa has now addressed delays some students might have seen when it comes to their NSFAS allowances. The University provided an explanation for those students wondering what's happening.

The University has said that Intellimali has confirmed that they have loaded about 65 000 students' allowances so far. Unisa sent through 117 000 students names who should get allowances.

Unisa then went on to say:

They will increase the number from 20 000 per day to 25 000 as from tomorrow.

The process of disbursing allowances to qualifying returning students will finish by Friday, 21 May, Unisa said.

First time NSFAS beneficiaries should then expect to receive their allowances by Wednesday, 26 May.

During a briefing this week, NSFAS Board Chairperson Mr. Ernest Khosa, said:

The processing and disbursement of allowances to institutions to ensure that students do not sleep hungry has already commenced.

He went on to say that they we are aware of some delays in payments and that this is due to system integration challenges and delayed registration data that needs to be submitted by institutions.

With delays seen in NSFAS allowance disbursements, one student went as far as starting a petition.

The petition read: The university of South Africa (UNISA)is not dispersing students allowences (sic) to their accounts of INTELIMALI in time,this results students failing to complete assignments in time and failing final exams because of not having text books , the university should adopt new system of paying allowences (sic) directly to students account is and in time and remove the INTELIMALI company because it causing delays.

Unisa apologised for the inconvenience the delay may have caused for students.

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