Aftermath of UWC Protests

UWC has had it's academic programme and campus return back to normal this week. However, aftermath of protest action and negotiations continue amongst SRC members and University Executives.

UWC students took to protesting last week to voice their unhappiness about finances, debts and accommodation. Students were seen blocking entrances, disrupting classes as well as removing students from classes. After a shut down ensued for the week, UWC is now back to normal and ready to operate in peace.

However, the University's Student Representative Council  (SRC) continues taking steps to provide for students and solve the issues raised during the protest. With 8000 students having been reported as financially excluded last week, the SRC has stated that, "Over 1200 students have been cleared and they still have not registered, 900 of that is new first years." and have urged students to check their portal for clearance. Students are also advised to go to financial aid to appeal or apply for UWC financial assistance as they will be cleared using proof that they actually appealed for NSFAS or applied for funding.

Yesterday morning, reports came that three students have been arrested by SAPS for their involvement in protests. Students were angered by this occurrence and see this as fuel being added to their already raging fire. The SRC has gone and advocated for the release of those students and they have since been released from police custody. 

Another development in student issues moving towards resolution is present in the problems with accommodation. Some students that were left stranded due to the sudden unavailability of the building last year were seen moving into their new building this morning with smiles on their faces. 


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