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A Guide To Online Exams For Unisa Students

unisa exams

Unisa’s November/December examination period is not that far away. Unisa has now made the decision that all future exams will be done online. Here’s some help with how to complete your exams under lockdown if you’re a Unisa student.


Unisa students are currently busy with exams but with their being no venue-based examinations, you might need some help navigating online exams. No stress, we’re here to help.

You’ll be given 15 minutes to download your exam questions and another 15 minutes to upload your answers.

Before starting the exam, you’ll be asked to confirm the honour code to declare that your work is your own and you are not copying other students or resources. Exam answers will be screened o check if you copied answers or not.

First, make sure you’re ready for the exam before you start the exam by:

  • Having your examination timetable and knowing which days you’re writing what
  • Looking at which method will be used to complete the exam
  • Making sure you’re comfortable and familiar with the method that’s going to be used
  • Having a scanning application on your device
  • Ensuring that your device is charged, that you have good enough internet connection and data
  • Making sure you know where:
    • your downloaded files are on your device for when you’re going to download exam papers
    • your scanned documents go on your phone for when you’re going to scan and need to submit

To get your exam paper:

  1. Open myUnisa
  2. Find the link to ‘login and download the exam question paper for my June 2020’
  3. Log in
  4. Find the link for the exam
  5. Download the exam
  6. Find on your device and do the exam

To submit your answers using myAdmin:

  1. Log on to myUnisa
  2. Click on myAdmin
  3. Go to Assessment Admin
  4. Click on Assignments Submission
  5. Find the module you’re busy with
  6. Click on submit and submit your answers

Should you choose to do hand-write your answers and submit it using a phone, you need to make sure you are familiar with scanning:

  1. Search for a scanning app, such as Microsoft Office Lens, on Google Play or The App Store.
  2. Allow the app to access your camera
  3. Make sure to scan the cover page before you scan other pages
  4. Submit your scanned answers on or 
  5. On the myExams portal, select the eAssessment tool
  6. Here, you will see all assessments
    • Click on the one you wish to submit
    • After the new page loads, submit your scanned answers.

Should you be doing an Open Book examination, be sure to revise your work before. Another helpful thing to do would be to make notes, summaries or mind maps from your work content to save time and you’ll be able to access information easier. Highlighters and sticky notes to sort sections is a good thing to do as well.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), take home exams and portfolios are done in similar ways and can be submitted using the myAdmin tool:

  • For MCQs
  1. Prepare a lined A4 sheet with numbers for your answers and fill in your answers on each line or use the Unisa assignment paper for MCQs that was given.
  2. Go to the MCQ section on myAdmin
  3. Type in the number of questions there are
  4. Click continue
  5. Click on the bubble that represents your answer for every question
  6. Click on continue
  7. Click on continue again
  • Take home exams can follow a similar method
  1. Go to myAdmin
  2. Find the assessment
  3. Click on Submit
  4. Search for the document with your answers and upload it
  • With portfolios, you’ll be given more time but you can still hand write your answers.



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