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The Khetha Apply Now! campaign is aimed at high school learners that need information, advice and guidance in making the right career and further education and training choices, urging them to apply early to their education and training facility of choice.

The purpose of the Khetha Apply Now! campaign is to encourage learners to make informed decisions when they choose to further their studies. At the same time it wants to encourage learners to apply in a timely fashion in order to avoid disappointment. The campaign is a Higher Education and Training Ministerial flagship initiative brought to you by the Department of Higher Education and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Through this campaign, the department aims to reduce the long queues and some of the chaos that generally takes place at most of the universities at the beginning of each academic year.

In addition to the Khetha radio programme – which runs on 10 SABC African languages radio stations, including Afrikaans, the department is also utilising the social network platforms to distribute all Apply Now Campaign messages through M-xit and Facebook.

Also, in order to reach as many students as possible in the campaign, the department is distributing the "Apply Now" booklets which cover career choice and options, opportunities for learning at Further Education and Training (FET) Colleges, Universities and Universities of Technology, funding, scarce skills and public service training opportunities and entrepreneurship, to mention but a few.

The booklet has ten chapters, and covers the entire spectrum of education and training opportunities available in South Africa.

Here is what you can read about in the booklet:

  • Chapter 1: Getting started, choosing a career;
  • Chapter 2: Opportunities for learning at FET Colleges;
  • Chapter 3: Opportunities for learning at Universities and Universities of Technologies;
  • Chapter 4: Funding opportunities for your studies;
  • Chapter 5: Learning opportunities through the SETAs;
  • Chapter 6: Public Service Training Opportunities;
  • Chapter 7: Scarce Skills: Opportunities in demand;
  • Chapter 8: Opportunities for self-employment;
  • Chapter 9: Opportunities through Community Service;
  • Chapter 10: NQF and Career Advice Services.

Khetha Apply Now Booklet Part A;

Khetha Apply Now Booklet Part B

Due to the size of the booklet, we suggest right clicking and choosing the 'Save as' option instead of left clicking and opening directly.

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